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Ruby (Manik)


Ruby (Manik) is a natural pinkish Red to blood red coloured precious stone of the Corundum family. Indian astrology suggests natural Ruby be worn for growth in Career, Social status, and Love & PowerImproves relationship with parents , improves health, and gives authority. Natural Ruby generally comes from Africa, Burma, and other places. The stone is worn for Sun (Surya) to improve life relationships.



Spread a red silk cloth in front of a God idol that you adore, then sprinkle wheat on it. Ganga jal should be used to clean the gemstone ring. Then, using Sandal and Kumkum, apply it to the red silk cloth. Now, with the lamp lit and the dhoop stick glowing, do pooja to the ring with yellow flowers while reciting the Surya Mantra. As prasad, serve Upma. Put the ring on now. To obtain the most benefit from the ring, donate jaggery after it has been worn.


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